A "barefoot" runner training for a half-marathon, this is my journey…

Can ya beat me???

Oooh, put down the baseball, this is a running blog not a beat up the Kitten Blog.  I wonder if ya’ll can beat me in a running challenge?  Can ya do it?  Are ya down?

Wait… you want to know what the challenge is before agreeing… oh you freaking whimps… fine. FINE!  Here it is:

With mapmyrun.com run 30 miles in 30 days.  Easy peasy people… you just log into mapmyrun and log your miles, then you come here and tell me how many miles you have run… because I’m gonna keep track (there is a reason, because well, I can have reasons…. I’m the Kitten remember?).

I have challenged several of my tweeps to do it with me…. @smugglingplums, @myamateurlife and @freshstartdad are all doing the 30 miles in 30 days challenge, mainly because I said and I making them.  Okay, maybe not… but it sounded good didn’t it.  So… The first one to 30 miles is going to get a prize from me.  Now, NO CHEATING.  If I have to, I will make you screen shot a run tracker to prove you did your runs… but I trust you people (for now).

Now… 30 miles in 30 days is just a tad to easy for me and my buddies, @daddyrunsalot and @coldcanuk.  I log about 15 miles a week and well @daddyrunsalot can log that in one run.  SO we have challenged each other to 75 miles in 30 days.  Now, I had to handicap the boys or they would have put that away in one week and would have made me mad (I am just a tiny bit competitive). The handicap is that the *most* they can log for a run is 10 miles AND they can only log two 10 mile runs per week.  If I could I would tie one of their legs to their ears… but well, that’s just mean and not all that fair (yes, yes, I want to *win* fair and square).

So… who else is in?  Come on… do it with me, you will feel sooooo good and besides you will get your name in lights here on my blog…. Come on you know you wanna…. don’t make me come over there…. SIGN UP!  Do it now!


One response

  1. No way, Jose! Not as much as I hate running! But good luck to you and all those who join you!

    February 4, 2011 at 7:11 pm

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